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15 Holiday Marketing Ideas- For EVERY HOLIDAY!

15 Ideas for Christmas Marketing and EVERY HOLIDAY- (Just change the theme!)!!!!

1. Add Christmas flair to your branding (ie. Logo, cover photo etc)

2. Reward your social media fans- At least a thank you, it goes a long way!

3. Publish helpful, holiday themed videos

4. Launch a Christmas specific email marketing campaign- Go send NOW!

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5. Turn on email automation - Don't miss out on potential clients who contact you during the holidays!

6. Switch to Holiday and product specific advertising

7. Have a mobile app? Reward the users for downloading it!

8. Reward your subscribers!

9. Get involved in a local charity. No time for involvement? Make a small donation and promote it to bring awareness to the cause.

10. Host a Christmas breakfast or lunch for clients, employees or loyal vendors.

11. Join forces with another small business- Collaboration !

12. Organize a Christmas themed contest- It doesn't have to be huge, people love FREEBIES- how about a nice cup of Joe from a delicious coffee shop?

13. Personalize gifts or Holiday Cards that are being sent

14. Promote special gift sets- create special bundles for the season.

15. Create a nice Holiday Ambiance- virtually or in your office!

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