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5 Free Marketing Tactics to boost business!

It's pretty simple, a great product with no marketing goes nowhere. Entrepreneurs have a limited amount of capital to invest in marketing at the beginning. They are required to spend the minimum setting up the website, the logo, the plan, hiring the staff, setting up office, basically the minimum to be able to deliver once the business starts coming in. But how do you get the business? Here we will explore some creative ways to promote your business with zero cost.

1. Engage on Social.

Not only you need to be online, but you need to engage. Follow people that share the same interests and actually offer valuable comment on their posts, no matter in what platform- LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Groups, etc.

2. Find relevant Podcasts

It's almost certain that out of everyone that you personally know or that is connected to you online, one of them have a Podcast. While some Podcasts have a small audience, you never know when a potential client might be listening. Start by listening and engaging in the comments section. Once the host sees that you actually have something to contribute, you may get called to interview.

3. Tag along someone elses' audience by offering value.

Approach someone who's audience can actually benefit from your knowledge. Say you sell Healthy Recipes. You can bring someone who is an expert in the art of "couponing" so that your clients can learn how to save a bunch of money on ingredients to use in your recipes. That is added value to your clients.

4. Provide Relevant Content

Share knowledge your clients can use today. Much like this post, provide information that your clients can use immediately. If you put your clients through hoops, extensive sign ups, extensive lists and such they will lose interest. Much like this post, once you are done reading, you can exit out and scan through your contacts on LinkedIn and get a couple messages out for possible collaborations. Then go to Google and research some Podcasts, and finally go to your social media pages, post something, and comment on posts on your feed.

5. Share Industry news but also have a little fun

Business is great and we should stay focused. But remember we are also human. A little personal touch will not hurt you but may improve your relationships. Share a joke, remember the holidays, say happy birthday, and even share a little something of your personal life.

There are many other marketing tactics and we would love to share with you-

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