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5 Quick Tips for Engagement in 2019

Happy 2019! Here is a recap of Marketing Trends to ensure a solid foundation this year.

As we evolve in the technological world, you need more than pretty pictures- content is key! Be genuine and engage your customers with your brand. 

1. SOCIAL MEDIA- Find the right social media for your business- and engage your niche. Watch what your competition is doing and replicate what works. Every business needs to be on one social media platform or another. No exceptions here- choose your channel wisely. 

There are 3.196 billion global social media users, which equates to 42% market penetration (We are Social)

2. MAKE A PLAN- Having a content plan spread throughout the calendar month or year will ensure you can see the big picture. Your strategy needs to be aligned with your goals and your brand perception. The old school black on white works well as do vision boards. A visual engaging timeline will ensure you stay on track. 

Having a visual of your goals with images that pop, will also help you come up with original content. 

3. COLLABORATE- No one is great at everything. Stop trying to get it all and focus on your strength. Collaborate with others that are in similar businesses but handle aspects that you may not excel. Referral business is powerful! 

4. BE FRIENDLY ON ALL DEVICES- More and more business is being conducted on mobile devices across the world. Make sure that your website and any other platform looks good across the board. Your customers must be able to reach you on the go!

Voice search is more popular now than ever- Alexa, Siri, Google search are taking over. Ask yourself how a customer searching for your type services will ask the robots of the internet. This will also guide you to use the better keywords for better SEO results.

5. BE GENUINE BUT HAVE THE FACTS TOO- Why is your brand unique? The consumer today has a lot of power at their fingertips and they can do a lot themselves. Give them a reason to engage your services. Are you able to deliver fast? Are your prices competitive? Be real! Having relevant data to share with your customers and actually showing them how your services will help is essential to keeping them engaged.

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