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Creative ways to stay active in Real Estate during the pandemic

While the COVID-19 Pandemic has certainly caused a lot of businesses to halt, listing agents must keep moving their inventory and buyers are still willing and active to take advantage of the low mortgage rates. We advise for all precautions during these messy times, however are also aware that things will return to normal soon. Businesses must adjust and keep moving forward. We are sharing some creative and effective ways to keep everyone safe, and stay active in the real estate market.

Virtual Tours

While many agents already use this tool, some even invest in professional videographers and photographers, now is the time that all agents must engage in better presentation of their listings. And no it doesn't need to cost a fortune, if anything at all!

Open houses have been cancelled by many and this can cause current real estate inventory to sit for months. All the while, there are many people that now see an opportunity to buy. They are willing and able, and are being kept from seeing homes in the market due to the virus.

Virtual tours do not require expensive equipment and most of the time not even a special app.

You can create virtual tours from your phone, and for FREE!

Click to view-->> (we posted on our Facebook Page!)

And here are 2 tutorials on how to upload your 360 degree image on WIX and Wordpress sites:

ON ANDROID PHONE: Use the SPHERE option under camera, for a 360 photo. Some Android phones will have a 360 degree option under camera. You can also download the Google Photo App on any Android phone to get this option with ease.

On an iPhone, you can use the PANAROMA mode to take 360 degree photos.

Remember you can upload these photos to your Facebook page where your audience can view the inside of the homes by simply moving their cursor on the photo.

Adjustment to Open Houses

We know just how important open houses are. Some agents have made adjustment and are still holding open houses in a different manner and at limited amounts.

If you are getting lots of activity, and are in a place where quarantine is not yet in effect, you can still hold an open house. We suggest the following:

-> Limit the amount of people inside the home.

-> Do not allow anyone that visibly has symptoms of cold or flu.

-> Ask for all visitors to keep their hands to themselves, no opening of doors, closets etc.

-> Have hand sanitizers by the front door.

-> Avoid serving food, but if you must, use disposable paper plates and cups, pre-portioned snacks, and a trash can that open by foot/ or with open lid.

-> Disinfect all door handles, counter surfaces and the like before and after open houses.

Limit showing for specific days and specific hours so the disinfecting can be done before and after.

Virtual Meetings/ Communication/ File Sharing

There's never been a better time to explore technology features and help promote social distancing. If you want to have a casual one-on-one video call Facebook, Whatsapp and the original Skype are still great options. Texting and emails work well for communication and file sharing. But what if you have a team? What if, the remote office will need to be in place for longer than you imagine? What if you want to save on overhead and actually continue with the option of having some employees working remote? These are great communication and file sharing platforms that are currently used by many businesses on the day-to-day:

Top Video Conferencing




Communication and Content Sharing Tools:

Google Drive




Digital Marketing Boost on Social

Due to social distancing and quarantine, social media across the board received a huge boost in the last few weeks. An influencer agency found a 76% increase in daily accumulated likes on Instagram, in the last 2 weeks (Campaignlive). Facebook also saw an increase in usage, and while 55% of Americans were reported to get their news source from Facebook in October 2019, (, that number has clearly increased.

People that typically wouldn't spend hours on Social Media daily, are certainly getting acquainted with the idea. What this means, is more exposure for your business now, through paid and targeted advertising, but also a nice set up for the future. Those that are getting more and more familiar with digital networking, most likely with adopt this habit, after the pandemic is over.

Visual and Content Marketing

For the time being you cannot take that prospect client to lunch to give him a casual but effective pitch of your services, and have him sign that listing agreement. You are restricted as to how many of those listings actually have the option for showing. What to do?

Now, more than ever, the need for relevant content and effective visual marketing is at an all time high. Virtual tours are a necessity but they do not stand alone. The visual and the content need to stay true to what you are offering so that you do not lose your client's trust.

Most recent stats for visual marketing from February 2020:

Content containing relevant images generates 94% more views.

Infographics increase traffic by 12%

Articles with a large number of visuals can double social media shares.

Social media posts with images drive higher engagement:

Facebook—2.3 times more engagement, Twitter—18% more clicks and 150% more retweets LinkedIn—a 98% higher comment rate

People are 80% more likely to buy your product after seeing a video about it.

That's all folks. We hope that you find the information we provided here helpful to stay in motion. Let's adjust, and keep moving forward.

Feel free to comment, like and share this post with others in the industry that are struggling to adjust. We are always here to help too!

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