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Why is My Email Marketing Not Working? How to Fix It.

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Why your Email marketing fails

When was the last time you updated the design of your email? If you had to think about it, it has been too long!

Our brains can detect patterns. When we see the same visual aid over and over, we assume it's the same information, nothing really new or exciting.

Your content might be great, but presentation matters!

Your presentation needs to call attention to your content, so that your content will then retain further interest. Design and content are like bread and butter; they belong together! Consistency with great content and dazzling designs every time, is what causes the 'WOW Factor', and an engaged and loyal audience.

Within content, there is so many tips from a strategy standpoint.

We will be sharing these tips on social this month!

Don't forget the Subject Line!

If the email preview is not inviting, the receiver won't open the email. But if the subject line is lame, they won't even look at the preview!

Email subject lines alone is an extensive topic. Here is a sum of what to avoid:

• Special characters and emojis

• Using all CAPS

• Misleading subject lines

• Forgetting preheader text

• Being too generic

• Using "Spammy" words

• Too long or one word only subject lines

In a nutshell, you want to evoke curiosity, want to offer help, make your audience feel excited and special. Being genuine and helpful and showing passion for what you do, is a good rule-of-thumb for good subject lines.

Are you engaging with your email list?

Email automation platforms can generate analytics report, showing email campaign results segmented by different KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). These KPIs include subscribers that opened, clicked, not opened, segmented by location, etc. You can use these KPIs to create strategic approaches to different segments of your audience.

What exactly does this mean? Let's say you have sent an email, presenting your services to an audience weekly for one month. Every week, you see the same 10 emails at the top of the list. These 10 emails represent the people that opened your emails the most times. Those 10 emails are leads! Consumer behavior is also tracked through email platform analytics. This can positively help you in creating a more relevant interaction with your audience.

What was the link most clicked? Which social platform was most visited?

Interpreting the results is raw data guiding for effective strategy and growth.

The analytics report is also crucial for

updating your database

in order to reach the right niche.

When you "Clean' your email list you will receive more accurate results as it relates to your position within your industry. Using the right strategy, and targeting that strategy to the right people by eliminating bad emails, will allow for effective results.

The idea is that you will have a solid list, versus a large list without engagement.

Quality over quantity!

How many email is too many?

It's way too common for companies to go crazy with automation and cause even existing clients to unsubscribe from all email communications.

Put yourself in your client's shoes for a minute and ask yourself what would you do if you were receiving daily emails. How about multiple emails a day? In very rare instances you want to receive daily updates. Maybe if you are monitoring a stock and opt in for a review daily of how that stock did that day in the market. Can you think of any other instance where you would need a daily update?

Less, is in fact more. Don't clutter your client's inbox with irrelevant or repetitive information. Think about what you are sharing and make sure it is relevant TO THEM.

How much information to share?

If you have a lot to share, spread it out. Too much information, even if completely relevant, can end up overwhelming the reader.

Email platforms have the ability to schedule your campaigns. After all, they are called Email Automation Platforms! So, use this tool! If you have an urge to share all that you know, schedule those emails to go out periodically.

Need insights on something specific? Contact us or leave a comment!

Thanks for reading.

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