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How’s your subscription to 2021 going?

With the second week of the new year coming to an end, there’s been some tension. They say, “things will get worse before they get better.” Well, I'm an optimist so here's me saying: we are definitely on the way to the better!

Now let's be honest, I'm not going to sugarcoat this for you, 2020 was a shitshow. For many reasons and for many people. This year, more than ever, it is particularly important to think back about the things that we learned, so we can do better, be better, and achieve more. I also see the silver lining of 2020 as a hardship endured by all. A hardship with no discrimination, where the entire world was brought to the same level, causing people to come together in unprecedented ways. Every business was affected in some way, and unfortunately many had to shut their doors, while others came to life.

From working with many new clients in 2020 due to the rise in need for digital marketing, I developed my skills and learned from different leaders in the industry. Some services took first seat and continue to thrive. The key to success in 2020, and a lesson learned for upcoming years, and all that they may bring is . . . adaptation!

Be open minded to adapt

While remote work increased exponentially in 2020, statistics show that less than 20% of employers had any sort of remote set up plan. This change in workstyle now reports a higher employee engagement, employer satisfaction, and about 55% of employees stating that they would search elsewhere if the remote option was taken away.

I never thought I’d see a Pandemic in my lifetime. In fact, I was unfamiliar with the very word. And now, I am aware that this could absolutely happen again. There are many things that we can’t control, but being prepared is not one of them. Adjusting is key to survival of any business.

Your customers are a great indication of what you can improve, or launch.

Listen to their questions!

At the peak of the Pandemic, I noticed people were reaching out to me for advice. They needed help with understanding the new digital tools, and ultimately be a reliable part of a team to get things done. Though, I have many years of executive administration under my belt, I was always so focused on the marketing side of things and hands-on delivery. During 2020, I stood back, and welcomed what was in front of me. I adjusted accordingly, and it worked well.

Sometimes, something as simple as changing your approach, can mean a great innovation to your business.

One step at a time

Proactive is always more efficient than reactive.

Having to make unexpected changes quickly, without any preparation, on a deadline, and having your livelihood depend on it; is inexplicably stressful, and destined for failure.

If you are standing, and not under enormous pressure, now is the time to try some of those things you got away with last year. Take your time, learn the possibilities, and diversify. If you have a staff of 10, and are bringing everyone back to the office; consider leaving two or three team members remotely. I’m sure you will have volunteers!

Remote positions can be negotiated carefully so there’s added benefit to both employee and employer.

In addition, having a team member that knows the in and outs of remote work, can be beneficial in many scenarios, such as delegating the responsibility of supervision in the future.

Updating communication channels

Communication - the human connection - is the key to personal and career success.

~ Paul J. Meyer

To this day, it still completely shocks me when someone that has been in business for some 10 years, don’t have a social page, or use email marketing. Very few businesses can get away with not having email marketing. One that comes to mind are law offices. Even then, pending the type of law, there is plenty of relevant educational material that you can provide your clients, especially clients that have you on retainer. A reminder of why they pay you consistently, is a great way to keep them long-term.

Communication goes beyond trying to make a sale, even though many businesses survived 2020 because they jumped on the e-commerce train. But we also learned that every business needs to be easily found on the web, and the information needs to be clear and consistent.

If you have an announcement to make where will you do it? Are all your clients following you, and active on social media? Are you going to call every single client? This is why picking your online presence is so important. Unless your clients purposely decided to stay off the grid, chances are they have either a social account, or email, or they check your website regularly for needed information. They are not going to dig the internet to find out about you, you need to offer the information to them in multiple channels.

The idea is to keep your customers informed. Do this by implementing the very basic in business communication.

Don’t forget the stats!

At the very least monthly, you need to look at the analytics on your site, email and social to ensure your message, product and tone are aligned with your audience.

Most businesses simply forget to do this.

Your analytics can provide insights that can help you plan a successful and result generating strategy!

Customers want personal contact, timely and relevant information. Your stats can provide you information on how to approach them. Customer behavior can be tracked. Through email marketing, automated messages on social and more, you can offer information to your customers when it’s best to do so, and based on their behavior.

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More POS

So many real estate agents adjusted well to the Pandemic. They engaged with virtual open houses, they collaborated with drive thru title companies, and though difficult, they kept on trucking. This mentality is applicable to every business. Customers want options. Even after the worst is over, having multiple points of sale is important to reach as many customers as possible, and leave nothing on the table.

And more than that, your online presence needs to be mobile optimized. This is not important, IT’S CRITICAL!

Taking your business online doesn’t just preserve your ability to do business with your existing customers. It also opens your business up to new potential customers, that may not have been reachable in the past.

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How do you feel about 2021 so far? Will you implement some of these strategies?

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