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How to Generate Leads with Email Marketing

There are 3.9 billion active email users worldwide.

Email marketing is a very powerful communication channel, that also allows you to gather incredible insights, and compose your message the right way to reach the right audience. Through email analytics, segmentation and auto triggers, you will understand your audience's behaviors, adjust your campaigns, and generate leads.

Email marketing is so much more than selling a product or service. It is a proven way to network worldwide, provide powerful information, nurture relationships, all the while collecting essential insights to grow your business effectively.

Integrate all your channels

While most people see email marketing as a way to increase revenue, it's a great way to direct your audience to the platform of their choosing. An email campaign will showcase all your social links, have a call to action, have a website link and more. It gives an opportunity for your audience to pick where they want to connect with you, and this can help you to spend your energy and resources in the most prominent digital channels for your business.

Save trees and money!

Environmental concerns have increased in recent years, while millennial entrepreneurs have also grown. Email marketing is a proven way to save some trees! In addition to being way more economical and efficient way to do marketing. Save on stamps, envelopes and track the effectiveness of your campaign.

Brand growth

Tools in Email marketing such as A/B Testing, allows you to narrow down on your brand voice. What tone and subject speaks more to your ideal audience? There is simply no way to measure a mail out, how many people kept your flyer, threw it out immediately, or what specific message received the most attention. But with email campaigns, you can track all of that and more.

Too often, during a discovery phase of a marketing strategy project, a business will find that how their customers perceive them, is not the way they want to be perceived. Only through diving into customer behavior, a business can make adjustments to reach potential and ideal customers.

Expand your network

An email campaign can be shared on different networks, which in turn can cause others to sign up. It is important to deliver what you have promised, relevant content and consistency is key to ensure few unsubscribes. Make sure you give your audience different places where they can easily sign up to your newsletter, and share educational information instead of always pushing a sale. Shareable content is also a way to get your campaign shared and forwarded which in time will expand your network.

Customer retention

Customer retention tends to be the backbone of all sustainable businesses. It is no secret that customer acquisition is always more costly than customer retention. With email marketing, there are many ways to customer retention regardless of your business nature:

  1. Educational information

  2. Reminder emails

  3. Feedback emails (the client's voice matters)

  4. Exclusive deals (make the client feel part of a community)

Increase loyalty and credibility to the brand

It feels really good when a client tells you "I thought about marketing and you came to my mind immediately". When it comes to brand identity, remember that

"Out of sight, out of mind"

Since email has become a necessary communication tool in our daily lives, email marketing is a sure way to keep you on "top of mind" with your customers. Even if you don't see immediate revenue, consistency makes for familiarity, and eventually your audience will make the association between the services you offer and your brand.

Constant Contact remains the top rated email marketing platform for small business. It's user friendly, with all the tools for audience insights and lead generation. In addition, you don't need to have a separate social media scheduler, as Constant Contact allows you to connect your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter account and schedule posts. What are you waiting for, try for FREE today and take advantage of upcoming holidays to boost your sales and set the tone for the new year!

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