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How to get started with video marketing? (without breaking the bank)

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

It's time to get on board with video marketing (if you're not already doing it). Here we will explore ways that you can engage your audience with video marketing without having to be in the spotlight and without spending some serious money for a professional production crew.

So you want to make a video to promote your service or product, but being in front of the camera is not where you shine. Lucky for you, there are several platforms that allow you to make a video to capture your audience, by making your product or service the shining star!

Did you know that landing pages with videos lead to 800% more conversion? In addition images in social media content receive 94% more views than content without relevant images.

Before we get into the different platforms to create that great video- here are a few things that you need to keep in mind:

• Evoke emotion: People remember funny, shocking, controversial. If your video doesn't evoke some sort of emotion, start over. This is where genuine pays off. You cannot fake this, if you don't really believe in your product no one else will.

• Focus on the story: Even though the ultimate goal is the sale, storytelling is what sells. Pushing your product constantly will get old. The rule of thumb here is to give more than you take.

• First impression counts: You have about 10 seconds to capture your audience so make it count. If after 10 seconds they close the video window, that's over and done. 10 seconds of quality is better than 1 minute of irrelevant and forgettable fluff.

• Plan the distribution: Before you start working on the video, have a plan for where you are sharing it. While your website should be the first place with appropriate tags and SEO, other powerful platforms such as Instagram allows for videos upload with a very limited time length.

• Integrate the SEO with video content: SEO is huge nowadays and the main way to get found! Research the trends and keywords to make sure it's consistent with the message in your video and of course keywords and SEO behind the scenes.

How to get started creating a video promo?

1. Where to obtain stock videos that you can use legally?

While depending on your video vision you may either have to pay for exclusive stock videos and images or actually take the footage yourself, there are plenty of free stock videos out there that you can use legally and 100% free!

Here's a quick list of some great websites where you can find great footage: (for animations)

2. What programs to use to make your video?

Not everyone has the time and the knowledge to use programs such as Adobe Premier Pro or DaVinci Resolve. There are other simple options out there such as Filmora, Movavi, or the old ones such as Windows Movie Maker. And if all you want is to upload some images and put on a title and sit back, you can always go with Magisto. Magisto now offers the Pro option for extended 5 minute videos, customized and branded in addition to commercially licensed music.

3. The art of video marketing - Some key points when editing:

  • Create some hype before the launch

  • Include an intriguing Introduction

  • Focus on a mission

  • Make it mobile friendly

  • Integrate content with SEO

  • Share, share, share

  • Include the website/destination of where you want the viewers to go/ call to action

  • Choose the right music

  • Keep the video short and to the point

  • If you must include voice, use a professional tone/voice over

  • Keep it professional but don't obsess (unless you are paying top dollars for a production crew)

Here's a little sample of what we did with Windows Movie Maker.

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