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How to start growing your Email List today

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

how to grow your email list from scratch, how to grow your email list

Did you know that there are 3.9 billion active email users? (Radicati). With more than half of the world now using email, this number is simply too large to be ignored.

And while the number of social media users are 3.5

billion worldwide, what good is that if you are not

engaging and turning them into connections? If there is an outage on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram, 'Poof' there goes any type of interaction with your digital connection.

And here are a few more stats for you, if you are still not convinced that email marketing should be a part of your business:

1. The number of active email users is estimated to reach 4.3 billion in 2022.

2. Up to 60% of email opens will occur on mobile devices, depending on the industry. (IBM)

3. 82% of workers check email outside of normal business hours. (Statista)

4. 81% of SMBs still rely on email as their primary customer acquisition channel, and 80% for retention (Emarsys, 2018).

5. The average open rate for a welcome email is 82% (GetResponse, 2017).

6. Reports have shown that adding videos to your email can increase click rates by 300% (Martech Advisor’s 2017 data)

Now that you know that email marketing is powerful, how do you go

from Zero to a good engaging email list?


Friends and family- Asking nicely for your friends and family to support and share what you are doing is a great way to start. This includes sharing the actual link of your sign up form.

Email accounts- chances are, you have a pretty extensive list of emails on your personal email account. Now is the time to review those emails. Starting with a personal note to those who you have not been in touch with in years, is the best way to reconnect, and a good way to validate a good email. That email can then be exported to your Email list!

Social accounts- Take advantage of that super extensive Facebook friends list. That doesn't mean harass your connections, email them, create an event and post 30 times on their page. But share what you are doing, and be genuine in asking for help.


Creating multiple ways for people to sign up to receive your emails is important.

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This will ensure that you reach as many people as possible, even though they are not coming from the same source.

If you are a realtor- Have a sign up sheet for all walk-ins during an open house. They are already at the site, and showed an interest in your listing, so now, let them know you can keep them posted on similar listings. Add some homemade cookies next to the sign up sheet!

On social platforms- add a Sign Up button to your page, a link where your website is, and share valuable content. Encourage your audience to sign up so they get the content first. They are special after all, and deserve to know first!

On the website and blog posts- including Pop-ups for subscribing can be very effective, but again you don't want a pop-up on every page, and on an auto-loop. Strategically have a 'subscribe here' button or form on every page of your site, but add it also on specific sections of your site, where valuable information is shared. Give your audience a reason to sign up. "Give more than you take" is a good rule-of-thumb, especially for new businesses.

Get creative with it!

There are so many ways to drive people to a website. Yes, even on a physical flyer or business card. Add a QR CODE (it's free here) to your business card or any other printed material and guide your audience to your website, subscribe link, PDF document, etc. It's a great time to be alive isn't it?!

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Lets start by quickly defining what is Marketing Integration.

Marketing Integration is to create a unified experience for the consumer to interact with your brand, across different channels, media, and activities.

So how does this work in the real world of Email Marketing?

Include Buttons to all your social channels and share the campaign to your social platforms.

Encourage sharing- include a 'share/forward email' button in your campaign. Maybe offer an extra incentive to do so!

Use links to specific sections of your website- Share a specific blog, or a newly designed section, or a special offer from a third party. This adds value to your content and encourages engagement.


Let's be honest, emails can be a bit overwhelming, OK a lot! Who has the time to go through hundreds of emails a day, deleting some, unsubscribing from others, and classifying others as SPAM?! It's a pain to deal with all that, so people simply don't subscribe to just anything.

Give your audience a reason to subscribe. Not just once, but often! Information is great, freebies, templates, checklist etc. Promote your incentive too!


Experimenting with different ways is key to not lose time and money. And in the world of business, Time IS Money! So write out, organize by date your marketing channels, along with a specific date to run analytics for each specific effort. Adjust, and move forward with only the most successful ones. Keep in mind, that things change. So re-evaluating and adjusting your efforts accordingly is necessary.

Here are a few things to drive engagement and increase that email list-

• Pop Ups on your and other related websites (paid)

• Banner ads

• Paid advertising on social channels

• Google ad.

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