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Let Valentine's Day kick off ideas to boost your business on every special day or holiday this year!

We did a quick post on Valentines Day ideas for every business out there as a way to generate sales and attract new customers. But with the funny calendars, non official holidays and official ones, every business could find a way to bring customers their way.

In this post we will explore some ideas and share links that you should be checking at least monthly as a way to brainstorm new marketing tactics to attract customers. Some of these can be used for internal corporate relations to boost employee morale too! There are days such as "Chocolate Day", "Beer Day", "International Music Day" , "Celebrate your Realtor" day and more.

Days of the Year is a great website that everyday list what they call weird holidays that were created all over the world.

Today specifically, February 13th is Radio Day, Madly in Love with Me Day, Tortellini Day among others. Also the month of February is Cherry Month, Vegan Cuisine Month, Library Lover's Month.

This day and month alone poses some interesting promotional tactics for several types of businesses. While you will find some seriously weird days and months that obviously cannot be used, if you are not looking at these calendars you could be missing out on some great marketing ideas.

Let's take a quick look at what you can generate with this month and day alone:

Madly in Love with me Day- This day could be a great way to promote product and services targeted to the single woman. Say pedicures or massages for 50% off, gym membership with initiation fee completely waived, or a small gift to make every woman feel beautiful no purchase necessary with limited amount if they come in to your store. Each one of these ideas can be developed further, extended for the week, play into women power, women owned businesses and more.

Tortellini Day- Pretty easy one for all Italian restaurants out there. Order a tortellini dish any style, get a second one free, post a video of how to hand make tortellini, etc.

Vegan Cuisine Month- Great opportunity for restaurants that do not have a Vegan option to try it for the month of February and see if it's worth it to make it a standard option.

Upcoming in the Real Estate industry:

March 3- 9 is Women in Construction Week

May 17th is National Real Estate Day

September is National Mortgage professional Month

Other great websites to check out for funny holidays are:

Holiday Insights

Time and Date

And of course there is so many others out there but these should get your creative juices flowing!

We are always here to help too, so feel free to contact us!

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