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Prepare your hotel for after COVID-19

As a freelancer with a passion for all things Real Estate and travel, I am very well aware of how the Pandemic is affecting the hospitality industry. But much like other sectors in Real Estate, the travel industry, shall recover after the dust settles. In fact, dare I say, that the travel industry as a whole might actually soar after this mess? Read on. . .

Not only, will the many bloggers, digital nomads, and current remote workers be itching to get back on the road, but there will most likely be a surge in remote workers. Many business have implemented remote work, most of them not by choice, and have seen the advantages of this set up.

Globest reported (April 6, 2020) that 74% of CFOs plan to permanently shift some of their workforce to remote positions!

Businesses are realizing that certain positions do not require a full time employee. They can eliminate the cost of benefits, office space, taxes and more. Hiring remote workers or freelancers to handle specific tasks, means more part time specialized workers, no benefits, and significant savings.

This great article published by Hotel Management .net (written by Joe Bouch, 78Madison | Apr 1, 2020) highlights some great ways that hotels can get ready for what is to come next.

As a former property manager with a working knowledge of budgeting, I agree that marketing budgets should not be cut more than 50%. Cutting budgets require a thorough review of analytics to ensure the remainder of the budget is allocated uniquely to what is working.

Hotels should focus on long term benefits of marketing strategies versus immediate reward that doesn't translate into future sales.

All industries across the board are cornered into learning new ways to interact with employees and customers. The hotel industry is no different. While some hotels are completely automated, even to the point of no personal service, traditional hotels must adjust and automate at least to some extent. Not only this is another way to save in overhead costs, but

customers may prefer certain automated interactions going forward.

It's time to clear your name and handle your reputation.

Get online and get active in reputation management.

Kindness and empathy are extremely valuable these days. Paying it forward is not only a great way to actually contribute in some way during these hard times, but may also be a great way to overturn your reputation.

Anything else that you have been putting off due to non-stop daily activities, now is the perfect time to tackle. When was the last time you updated your hotel's stationary? The website? Do you have a rewards program? How do you evaluate your employees? Now is the perfect time to make that wish list, and knock out one item at a time.

More ideas on how to effectively use your time --here

These are just a few advertising ideas to get your creative juices going. Need more ideas and full custom original designs? Contact us!

Social Media will continue to boom- Put out a targeted and effective social ad to attract leads! Create a sense of urgency, and the perfect landing page for fast bookings!

Market the location! When is high season for your city? What about the events that were postponed? Create the incentive for your hotel but also for your city. Everyone can benefit.

Evoke emotion. People are dreaming of the life they used to have. When things return to normal, images and colors that evoke nostalgia and deep positive emotions will win the customer. Create something that you truly embody.

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