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The Advantages of Newsletters

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

The Advantages of Newsletters

There are many advantages to sending newsletters, but the main one is maintaining current relationships.

Let us explore. . .

Sharing information:

Newsletters are sent weekly, monthly, or quarterly, depending on your business. Sharing information with your customers are crucial to maintaining business relations, all the while staying in your customers' minds and also generating business or at the very least leads.

Information shared in newsletters usually consist of market news, promotions and latest happenings. It's also a great way to communicate to many people all at once and retain information about who is active and who is not.

Most companies now use digital newsletters that are sent via email. Email newsletters provide a report/ analytics that can be useful in creating leads, and allows the sender to update their subscriber database to only active subscribers.

Businesses can also stay connected to stakeholders and employees with newsletters and keep an open communication. Consistent communication with clients, employees and stakeholders via a newsletter or any type of email blast/campaign, saves an enormous amount of time and also allows for clear communication across the board, and information less prone to misinterpretation.

"Newsletters strengthen relationships with employees, creates and builds relationships with customers, can be educational and informational. It can also position the company as a valuable resource."


Transparency in business is something that is extremely valued. Some say that in the digital age, the personal touch may have been lost, but not forgotten. While an email newsletter is a digital approach, the value of sharing information, not just to possibly generate leads, but also to educate and share promotions that is advantageous to your customers, is of undeniable value.

A business is usually considered an expert in its field, and sharing the knowledge with your customers will give the business credibility.

Types of Newsletters

The advantage of printed newsletter is that it won't be blocked as spam. Some people prefer to have and hold something tangible. It may also be something that they retain for a period of time, and run into from time to time. However, printed materials offer very little data to the business. The business will not be able to know who read the newsletter, how many times, what sections created most activity or who threw it in the trash.

Sometimes a combination of digital and printed newsletter, in an alternating manner or such, can be beneficial to the business.

Growing your Connections

In any type of business, growing your connections/subscribers is important for sustainability. While long term clients are important, it is inevitable that a business will lose and gain clients overtime. Communication through a newsletter will assist with retention and acquisition of clients.

Cost Saving Strategy

While printed newsletters can be costly, though offering certain advantages; email newsletter can be completely FREE. Email programs such as Mailchimp, offer email campaigns for up to 2,000 subscribers at no cost.

Reaching the Target Market

Because newsletters are usually sent electronically to subscribers, and allows you to review results, they also allow you to target people in your niche.

For the purpose of reaching your target market, cleaning up your subscribers list is extremely important. Less is certainly more when it comes to marketing. While some may have thousands in their subscriber list, if 90% of those subscribers are not genuinely interested in what your business offers, your engagement will be fleeing. Focus on the target niche and generate real activity is key.

Integrate your presence

When sending a newsletter, it is extremely important to use the platform to integrate your efforts. What does this mean? Businesses will have multiple ways to connect with their clients such as different social platforms, a website, landing page, affiliate partners and more.

While some subscribers may not become customers, they may opt to follow the business in their platform of choice. Some will like the business page on Facebook, others will connect via LinkedIn, or Instagram, some will fill out a form, etc.

It is important for a newsletter to offer several different ways for the subscriber to connect with the business.

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