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Tiny Bluetooth chip harvests energy from the air

As marketing evolves with technology, platforms that are always changing and the way we communicate our message needs to adapt to stay effective; new technology gadgets are extremely important.

The next big thing and yet so small- a tiny Bluetooth chip that does not require battery because it takes energy from the air! Amazon and Samsung are already investors.

Why is wireless communication so important?

Bluetooth wireless technology allows us to share data , music , video and even files between paired devices. What started as part of mobile devices, is now standard across vehicles, computers, TVs, audio devices and so many others.

Making Bluetooth so easily accessible, standard and super convenient means even more can be done on the go. It can enhance business making and make us more efficient.

Say you meet a client in a remote location, no internet, or data. But you happen to have saved a document on your tablet or phone. By pairing the devices, you can share the document and conduct business as usual. Internet/ Data connectivity no longer interferes with sharing needs.

Bluetooth has the capability of sharing internet connection with others as well and has many other advantages. And of course the obvious one is hands free! But Bluetooth is not just a great wireless technology, it also uses a low-power radio frequency with low cost , consuming very little energy as well. Now, with this new technology where you don't need to charge your Bluetooth device or use battery, an even more convenient gadget is born.

"We believe that disposable electronics based on battery-free, low-cost systems are the foundation for future IoT systems. We are on the edge of dramatically changing the way products are made, how they are distributed, where and when they are sold, and how they are used and recycled," said Tal Tamir, Wiliot CEO and co-founder.

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