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Why should every agent have their own website?

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

1. Increase Credibility and Branding-

Your brokerage firm; the one that has possibly hundreds of agents, is not branding you. They are a business and are branding themselves (as they should). With your own website, you become the independent contractor that you are and brand yourself. Announcing successful transaction, current listings and more, you invoke credibility and are seen as an expert in your field.

2. Be a resource-

Sharing information such as news, trends and of course your listings, can become the #1 resource for your clients. You want to be the first person that comes to mind, when your clients think of anything related to Real Estate!

3. Build loyal customers-

Staying active in the market, showing your accomplishments an sharing good content will ensure that your customers stay loyal to you, not your broker. When it comes to Real Estate, customers want to work with agents they can trust and with a track record. How will they learn about you, if you simply get lost in the shuffle of the list of agents in a company's website?

4. Encourage referrals-

When someone asks a friend about a recommendation to sell their home, they don't ask "What company did you use?", instead, they will ask "What agent did you use?". Selecting a realtor is not about how long the firm they work for has been in business, but rather how much experience a specific agent can bring to the table. If someone fails to receive a referral for a specific agent, they will go online and google a realtor for a specific area or a set of skills. Again, your website can pop up with the right SEO and assist you in driving that customer to you.

Control how potential customers view you. Are you a leasing guru? Do you cater to a specific location, or to luxury listings? Is your specialty to represent the buyer or the seller?

Call today to discuss your niche and let us help you build the perfect website to brand you! Or get started yourself with the below platforms- User Friendly and professional- we are here to help with the design!

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