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Why should you outsource your marketing services?

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

No one person can be good at everything. If you are an expert on fitness equipment, then you know what is trending, how to use them, where to buy them, who uses them, etc. Instead of trying to also learn marketing strategies, let the experts handle them. Here are the key 8 reasons why outsourcing marketing services to a team of experts can be beneficial to your business.

Stick to your expertise

Someone who has been in the marketing field for a long time,even if they specialize in one industry, more often than not, they can apply a marketing strategy formula across the board. A marketing expert will be able to look at what your business has in place and see a big picture, identify the gaps and create a strategy for marketing to reach your niche and give your business a better shot at success. You may have all the expertise in your product but being able to get your product through the right channels to attract the right customers, is a whole different type of expertise.

You will need to share your expertise, and a marketing strategist will be able to extract just the right information to plug into the different channels to better your business.

Marketing can be a full time job

If you are running a business, you already have a full time (most likely overtime) job. There is only so many hours in a day and no one is capable of doing two full time jobs daily and well.

Marketing involves a discovery phase, a brainstorming phase, a strategy phase, an implementation phase and a follow up phase. These stages are required for any strategy you decide to implement, and there are many available to you.

Some will involve face to face networking, then you have the digital platforms such as email marketing; in addition to every social platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn. And every single one of them also involves design, which needs to be consistent with your brand. Marketing is geared outwards as well as inwards. Ensuring that the team is representing the brand correctly is essential to the success of a business. Public relations, research, web design and so much more can make up a marketing department for a business.

So in a nutshell, having someone who eats, breaths and lives marketing, will allow you to stay the expert in your field/product, and have the correct strategy to market your product or service.

Saves money

There's a simple reason why hiring marketing freelancers work- because they provide expert and dedicated marketing on demand. Hiring a full time, in-house person will require full time pay, and benefits, in addition to software that is dedicated to marketing and design.

So many companies have the marketer doing double duty. The receptionist that handles corporate marketing, the personal assistant that is a graphic artist, the salesperson that does email blasts. Truth is double tasking such as these means both sides suffer. Hiring someone who is truly a marketing expert will cost you a high salary. Hiring a salesperson that will chase the leads will be much more effective than having one that needs to design email to generate leads. Leave the marketing and lead generation to the marketers and lead generators!

Fresh Perspective

A marketing expert that is not within the organization will always see the big picture and stay unbiased. They will not be afraid to give their expert opinion because they are not part of the company politics circle.

In addition, because they may have other clients from other industries, their creativity, ability to adapt and ability to keep up with trends, will always be sharper than someone who is embedded in a company. They will be dedicate to marketing, they will know what questions to ask to get to the bottom line of your vision and will not let personal / company politics interfere with the strategy.

Time saving

Think about the process you need to hire someone. From developing a job description, to posting to the right job sites, to interviewing once, twice, sometimes three times. Then the training. Even worst if you hire a recruiter and some 20% of that person's already high salary will need to be paid as a fee.

Outsourcing your marketing needs will cut out almost that entire process. In addition, you can have some idea of what you need and have the expert work only on those projects, only when needed. Chances are, your expert marketer will either specialize in very technical items like SEO and do work for a large array of industries; or they may specialize in a few marketing strategies and specialize in fewer industries. Once they learn more about your business, after completing one or two projects, they can give you valuable advice on where your next focus should be.

Eliminate Turnover

Nothing kills a company's reputation like high turnover. One person leaves, the ones that stay talk, the entire office atmosphere is affected. Marketing is one of the most important aspects of a business. You can have a fantastic product or service, but without the right marketing, it will fail.

Staying strong in the eyes of your customers is extremely important. This is why having a marketing team outside of your business can be so beneficial. Regardless of what is happening within your organization, your marketing efforts will stay on track, because the marketing team is not part of the corporate drama. They will need to understand the corporate culture, but that will be used as part of the strategy only. It won't affect their personal day-to- day because they are not part of the corporate family.

Marketing will be unaffected by vacation or staff reduction

Marketing cannot stop. Marketing doesn't take a vacation. Taking a two-week vacation to Japan doesn't mean your clients don't receive welcome e-mails, and there's no out-of-office message on your company's LinkedIn page.

Outsourcing marketing services meas that your provider will ensure that your needs are taken care of, regardless if they are taking a vacation around the world.

Better results, no distraction

Part of the employee life is the relationship he or she has with other employees. What does that mean? Distraction. We are humans and we need interaction, but the type of interaction that a marketer may be getting at an office atmosphere doesn't necessarily add to his skills.

A marketing team, a team of specialists may still be distracted in conversation, but it will most likely be a marketing related conversation. Put a marketing person in a lunchroom with the receptionist, sales person, accountant, and boss. Chances are they won't be discussing SEO techniques, the latest social network, trending hashtags, or what Google did last week.

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