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Your website is the leader of your of your online presence and in many cases the first point of contact for your customers.

57% of internet users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile (Make it mobile friendly!)

38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout are unattractive (Design is key)

88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience (How much business are you losing?)

39% of people will stop engaging with a website if images won’t load or take too long to load (Who wants to waste time?)

29% of consumers admit to making judgement on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design (1st impressions matter!)

Users spend an average of 5.94 seconds looking at a website’s main image (Design engaging main pages and landing pages to grasp the attention of your audience)

(Stats from

By asking relevant questions, understanding your brand, your strengths, and your competition, I will fine tune your website to focus on what makes you shine!

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